Case Study: Boosting Email Capture and Sales for Pared Eyeware with Gamified Pop-up


In today’s competitive e-commerce landscape, standing out from the crowd and capturing the attention of potential customers is crucial for success. Traditional marketing tactics often fall short, as consumers are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information and offers. This is where gamification comes into play, offering a refreshing and engaging approach to capture email addresses and drive sales. In this case study, we explore how our client, Pared Eyewear, leveraged gamified pop-ups to transform their email capture strategy, resulting in a significant boost in customer engagement and revenue.

Why we chose spin-to-win gamified popup?

Gamification, the integration of game design elements and principles into non-game contexts, presents a unique opportunity for marketers to transform mundane calls-to-action into captivating experiences. By adding an element of fun and interactivity to email capture pop-ups, businesses can pique the interest of shoppers and entice them to actively participate. In the case of Pared, we implemented a spin-to-win promotion, delivering a sense of excitement and value to their email pop-ups.

At first glance, the spin-to-win promotion presented by Pared captivated visitors with the allure of a potentially significant reward, such as a BUY 1 GET 1 free, 25% discount, free sunglasses, hats, and towels. The perceived value and the engaging nature of the game were key factors in capturing the attention of shoppers.

Benefits of Gamification:

The impact of gamifying email capture pop-ups cannot be overstated. In fact, this simple tactic can double your email capture rates with minimal implementation efforts. By using insights from consumer behaviour and incorporating psychological triggers, gamified pop-ups create a sense of urgency and fear of missing out, driving visitors to take action. The accessibility and applicability of gamified promotions, particularly the spin-to-win tactic, make them a valuable addition to any marketing strategy.

Results for Pared:

The Pared pop-up generated a total of 15,959 impressions, resulting in an impressive overall opt-in rate of 19.86%. When examining the performance on different devices, we observed that desktop devices accounted for 3,395 impressions, with a respectable opt-in rate of 12.52%. Meanwhile, mobile devices proved to be an even more successful avenue, generating 12,224 impressions and boasting an outstanding opt-in rate of 20.85%. These results demonstrate the versatility and compatibility of the gamified pop-up across various devices, ensuring that Pared’s audience could seamlessly engage with the promotion regardless of their preferred browsing platform.

Pared’s decision to embrace gamified pop-ups and adopt the spin-to-win promotion yielded remarkable results. Prior to the implementation of the pop-up, email accounted for only 30% of their total revenue. However, with the introduction of the gamified pop-up, this figure skyrocketed to an impressive 55%. The gamified element injected new life into their email capture process, transforming it into an engaging experience that customers eagerly participated in.

Furthermore, Pared’s opt-in form underwent a significant transformation. The gamified pop-up not only captured attention but also enhanced the overall aesthetics and user experience. The result? An opt-in form that not only effectively gathered email addresses but also impressed visitors with its modern and appealing design.

In terms of campaign performance, Pared experienced a substantial increase in open rates. Previously, their campaigns achieved an open rate of 25.3%. However, with the implementation of the gamified pop-up, this metric surged to an impressive 52.28%. Similarly, their flows’ open rate, which previously stood at 26%, soared to an outstanding 57.44%. These enhanced engagement rates demonstrate the effectiveness of gamified pop-ups in captivating and retaining customer interest.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

In the case of Pared, we went above and beyond by providing a considerable amount of customization for their spin-to-win pop-up.

Understanding the importance of brand identity, we carefully incorporated Pared’s color theme throughout the pop-up, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience for their customers. We ensured that the pop-up seamlessly integrated with their brand’s aesthetic, further strengthening their brand recognition and customer loyalty.

The popup was integrated with their Klaviyo account, enabling Pared to effortlessly deliver coupon codes and incentives to their customers via email. This integration streamlined their operations and ensured a smooth and automated process for distributing rewards.

Cost Savings and Beyond:

In addition to the substantial gains in revenue and engagement, Pared also experienced significant cost savings. Our recommendations enabled them to save a notable 28% on their Klaviyo costs, a testament to the power of gamified pop-ups in optimizing marketing expenses while driving results.


Pared’s journey with gamified pop-ups exemplifies the transformative power of implementing game design elements in e-commerce marketing strategies. By infusing excitement, perceived value, and psychological triggers into their email capture process, Pared not only captured a larger audience but also witnessed a substantial increase in revenue, engagement rates, and cost savings.

For e-commerce business owners and marketers seeking innovative ways to captivate audiences, gamified pop-ups provide a compelling solution. Embrace the power of gamification today, and unlock new possibilities for your business.